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Oil Free High Pressure Compressor  
IAH Series Compressors :  
The search for a reliable 100% Oil Free quality air has prompted INDo-AIR to come out with totally engineered, tested and high performance range of compessors. To ensure the product quality in the production of PET bottles, containers for home care / cosmetic products, food products, pharmaceutical products, usage in aeronautics, turbine & hydraulic circuit pressurizing & pharmaceutical industries, INDo-AIR has developed its new IAH series compressors.

To meet the needs of user application & customer requirements INDo-AIR , while designing the IAH series water cooled compressors
Canopy For Low Noise  
An unique feature of INDo-AIR IAH series compressor which is part of the standard supply. A well designed canopy with inner lining of sound insulation ensures low noise level around the compressor.
Electric Panel  
Conforms to International standards of electrical components and wiring.
Star-delta starter with thermal protection to reduce in rush current to the motor during start up and smooth running of motor.
All electrical control through MMI operation.
A large mushroom emergency button for quick stoppage of compressor in an easy accessible location at operator level.
Air Cooling of the compressor system  
An adequately designed fan mounted on motor shaft with suitable suction area for cooling the motor as well the compressor.
Suitably designed exhaust passage at the top of canopy for hot air to escape to atmosphere.
Indo Numeric Control system monitors, regulates, makes error diagnosis and displays warning signals both visual & audible.           Valves designed to optimize flow area to minimize pressure loss resulting in to less power consumption.
Touch screen MMI, clear & easy to modify parameters.           Valve material is strictly chosen for longer life time and performance.
User friendly page displays.
Status warning indication thus ensuring prevention of potential damages to the equipment.           Material with minimum wear property is used for the Valve Seats & Valve Plares.
Service warning signals to indicate oil filter / air filter change & Service Alarm etc.
Compressor auto shut down in case of abnormal parameters to ensure damage prevention.
Technical Data
MODEL MOTOR Discharge Pressure Discharge Flow
HP KW bar psig I / sec m3 / hr cfm
IAH 40-40 40 30.00 25-35 350-500 52 187 110
IAH 50-40 50 37.00 35-42 500-600 62 223 132
IAH 60-40 60 45.00 35-42 500-600 73 262 155
IAH 75-40 75 55.00 35-42 500-600 93 333 197
IAH 100-40 100 75.00 35-42 500-600 123 440 260
IAH 125-40 120 90.00 35-42 500-600 142 509 300
IAH 150-40 150 110.00 35-42 500-600 163 586 345
IAH 180-40 180 132.00 35-42 500-600 192 688 405
R & D + 
Excellent Computer AidedDesign facilities.

A well
established production set up
 Flow measurement at outlet of    compressor net of all losses at
   Ambient temp 25 deg0C
   Suction pressure 1 bar
   Relative humidity 0%
   Cooling water temp 20 deg0C
Equipment limitations :
Altitude 1000 m, Amb Temp 500C
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